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Niort is a commune of western France, préfecture (capital) of the Deux-Sèvres département.
The Latin name of the city was Novio Rito. The current population of Niort is 59,346 (2006 INSEE). More than 125,000 people are living in the urban area.
It is located on the (la) Sèvre Niortaise River (Fleuve).


Niort is the french capital of mutual insurance and bank companies, with the headquarters of MAAF, MAIF, MACIF, SMACL and regional branches of national mutual companies such as Groupama, Banque Populaire. Niort is one of the main financial center in France (4th rank after Paris, Lyon and Lille). Tertiary sector is over represented in Niort (in consulting, accounting, brokerage...). Industry is only represented by aeronautic and chemistry.
Niort is also a major administrative and commercial center.


Niort has a railway station on the TGV route between Paris and La Rochelle. By direct TGV it takes 2h15 to go to Paris : Montparnasse station. Niort is an important road and motorway junction. The city is connected to Paris and Bordeaux by the A10 motorway, with Lyon by the A83, with La Rochelle by the N11.


Niort is known as the centre of angelica cultivation in France.
Near Niort at Maisonnay there is one of the tallest radio masts in France (height: 330 metres).


Niort is home to Chamois Niortais, a football team in Ligue 2, the second-highest league in French football.
Niort is also home to rugby team Stade Niortais who are celebrating their 100 year anniversary this year coinciding with the release of a book about the history of the team.
Finally, Niort is the home to the Dragons, the baseball team of the city which evolves in the Regional League.


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